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A Sci-Fi Audio Drama Series

Aramintha is trapped in humanity’s new reality,

one that humans no longer control.


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A fantasY series

In a distant world, two glaring suns shine over a gleaming, high-tech City encapsulated to protect it from a toxic landscape. Allevon is facing the season of Transformation, the time when her kind must relinquish individual power in order to evolve into the next phase of life. Proud, rebellious Allevon rejects society's harsh traditions and vows to transform her way…or not at all. But if she doesn’t get it right, the supremely powerful Populous will lock her soul in a box and eventually recycle it…or destroy it.

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Imagine a world where your smart phone begins to realize that it’s smarter than you are.
This is reality in the year 2027.


Neurotechnology researcher Dr. Garrett Harper invents the Temporal Chip, which offers humanity’s last best chance at staying one step ahead of artificial intelligence. It’s the hottest property of the 21st century. Garrett’s research is funded by biotech conglomerate NeuroTek. Garrett knows that aligning with a giant like NeuroTek is a tricky move, but he's committed to keeping humanity above any means necessary. Garrett's chip becomes more entwined with his life than he ever planned—and soon Garrett is  wondering which will destroy him first: NeuroTek…or his own invention.




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