I am a writer, filmmaker and visual artist who is compelled by the complexity of the human experience. I've set sail on a journey exploring the horizons of rich stories featuring organic characters who reflect the world around us. The foundation of my work lies in the psychology and emotional density of the human experience. I want to create art that challenges people's expectations, provokes thought, elicits emotion and somehow leaves them more alive.

The spell was cast when I was a child watching home movies shot by my grandfather on his super-8 camera. The ability to record visual images and sound became, and remains, mystical for me; the act defies our notion of time itself: living moments that no longer exist are forever preserved. I find visual imagery endlessly fascinating, I suppose because of its power to convey what is universal about the human experience. My love affair with storytelling includes many media, but I imagine I will always be in love with fascinating characters.



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