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RoxE15: A TECHNO-thriller

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Future (Vocal)Model 500
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Late 21st century. Virtual Reality programmer Roxë Jones is a high-strung prodigy who bets her future on a corporate research project that promises to transform her life. But when a digital virus infects her prized software and then comes after her, saving her life’s work also means saving herself. 

Living in the surreal world of the Covid-19 pandemic brought one particular scene from Roxë15 to mind.
I wrote this script years before the pandemic.



Oakland, 2076. The deadline for Roxë's corporately funded VR project (her golden ticket!) has just been pulled back significantly and she's just gotten sick. Very sick. Weird, because Roxë never gets sick.
She scraped money together and today's the day she drags herself to a clinic.

Excerpt from ROXË15© (All rights reserved.) by Celia C. Peters
WGA REG. NO. I16315-00


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