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Script Analysis

Are you a budding screenwriter looking for feedback to guide you in developing your script?
Are you an experienced writer who needs an outside perspective to take your screenplay to the next level?


Let me help you. My name is Celia C. Peters and I’m an accomplished writer/director who provides affordable script analysis services to writers who want solid, thoughtful feedback that elevates their screenplay. ALL writers need a second set of eyes on their script and I offer analysis that is straightforward, constructive, thorough and detailed.


I have the insight of both a writer and director. My unique analysis covers critical script elements: character, plotstructure, theme and cinematic (visual) language. I also address formatting and copy editing issues. Pound for pound, I deliver priceless insight you need to make your script the best it can be.

  • Experienced screenwriter (over 15 years)

  • Screenwriting Instructor

  • Highly experienced editor, copy editor and proofreader

  • Published writer


Screenwriting is not rocket science, but it is a unique art and a nuanced craft. The most important thing you can do for your work is to get clear, objective feedback so you know what you’re doing right and what you need to do differently.


*Please note: unsolicited work will not be accepted.
see submission guidelines below.





  • Script Read

  • Written Analysis & Copy Edit





  • Script Read

  • Written Analysis & Copy Edit

  • Phone Consult (1 hour)


  • 20 minutes; tell me about your script and ask questions

contact me for package rates

REWRITES (Fees vary)

I am also available to do script rewrites. Fees vary based on script and extent of rewrite. Contact me to start the convo.

  • Script Read

  • Written Analysis & Copy Edit

  • Phone Consult (1 hour)

  • Revision Read

  • Written Analysis of Revision

  • Script Read

  • Phone Consult (1 hour)



  • If you're interested in retaining my services, please complete this INTAKE FORM and send a brief email to tell me about your project and what you'd like to do. From there, we can schedule a phone consult about your project. Email and put "Script Analysis" in subject line.

  • To retain my services, clients enter into a creative services/submission release agreement with me. This is for your protection as well as mine.

  • PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MATERIALS BEFORE WE HAVE ENTERED INTO AN AGREEMENT. Unsolicited materials will not be read; emails with unsolicited material will be deleted.



I call Dr. Celia “The Scriptwriter’s Doctor.” Her insights can bring life to a script and energize the writer. Celia is a great listener and after she digests what the screenwriter is attempting to convey, she asks lots of questions to inspire the writer to use critical thinking skills. Celia exhibits brilliance and true professionalism with her unique style and expertise for screenwriting and directing.

*From 2020 Serious Screenwriting Basics workshop

Noreen P.

LISW, Author & Screenwriter

Thanks so VERY much for being such an exceptional professor. Your warm personality and genuine interest in us enabled you to generously offered your deep knowledge of best practices, your advice, guidance, and counseling. I learned exactly what I came for, and I'm sure that the others did too.

*From 2020 Serious Screenwriting Basics workshop

Carol H.-H.

Journalist & Screenwriter

I am super excited to be equipped with the tools provided in Celia Peters workshop on how to write a screenplay. She has a true command of screenplay structure as well as the finer details for creating compelling stories!!
*From 2020 Serious Screenwriting Basics workshop

Quatric W.


Durch die Arbeit von Celia wurde mein Skript zu dem, was es sein sollte. Ich kann mich auf Deutsch sehr klar ausdrücken aber da mein Skript auf Englisch war, bräuchte ich jemand der das nicht nur auf Englisch übersetzten kann, sondern durch Feingefühl die richtige Art und Weise findet es auf Englisch auszudrücken.  Das Drehbuch liest sie jetzt quasi wie von selbst und die Text Übergänge fließen jetzt perfekt ineinander. Für jeden der ein Professionelles Drehbuch kreieren möchte kann ich Celias Arbeit zu 100% empfehlen.



Through Celia's work, my script became what it should be. I can express myself very clearly in German but since my script was in English, I needed someone who could not only edit the (translated) script into proper English, but who also had the sensitivity to express my meaning in English the right way. The script reads effortlessly and the text transitions now flow perfectly into each other. For anyone who wants to create a professional script I can recommend 100% of Celia's work.

Miguel B.

Actor/Screenwriter (Berlin)

Celia's insights were extremely helpful  and made my script significantly better. She was direct in her critiques, but she also conveyed encouragement and support, all of which was invaluable. Celia's detailed notes helped me improve specific aspects of my script, but she also provided general strategic advice which I was able to apply throughout.

Carter S.


I'm an experienced line producer who is developing my second feature film as a writer/director. Celia's help with my script was invaluable for a few reasons:

  • The notes were coming from a qualified writer

  • Having a woman's perspective was critical for the story I am telling

  • Celia's take on the story was unique

  • She provided insight on my characters that I hadn't thought about

I highly recommend her services!

Nicole S.

Filmmaker & Line Producer

This is BY FAR the absolute BEST feedback/coverage we have received for this script. Brian wrote the script, and he literally feeds off of this kind of feedback for a second draft.... Once again, thank you SO MUCH for your feedback and notes. It will really help us going forward. Thank you!!!

Princeton H.


I'm a young screenwriter with a lot creative ideas, but Celia helped me turn my creative idea into a well structured script. She is an awesome writer, and when I met her, I could tell she is very knowledgeable about screenwriting. So when I asked her to look at my script, I was confident that she could find any flaws. And she did! She brought things to my attention that I had no clue about. She goes above and beyond in her work and I really appreciate that. So if you need your script looked over Celia is definitely the way to go!!!

Donovan E.


Celia's analysis of my screenplay is truly one of the best I have received as a writer. She provided professional and objective notes that, rather than being too influenced by subjective personal style or taste, provided objective analysis of how the story could be more successful based on her comprehensive understanding of what the story was trying to accomplish in the first place. Would recommend to any writer.

Derek S.


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